What is brush-plating Applications

Selective plating is used in many places, varying from industrial applications up to decoration purposes. Here some samples.

1.    Oil and gas industry, copper and zinc plating of boxthreads.

2.    Graphic industry, repairs of chromium cylinders of a printing press.

3.    Metal industry, repairs of process failures.

4.    Hydraulics, repair of damaged cylinders.

5.    Shipping, repair of worn shafts or bearings. In this case it is important that the process is approved by almost all classification societies, as there are Lloyd's, ABS, Rina and DNV.

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koper.JPG (91990 bytes)

Copperplating a boxthread.

kras.JPG (85361 bytes)

A scratch in a chromium cylinder.

nokas.JPG (102182 bytes)

Resizing a camshaftbore in a shipsengine.

 drukpers.JPG (93002 bytes)


A picture of a cylinder in a printing press, the arrows points at a scratch which is already filled with copper after grinding it is plated with nickel-cobalt.


zink.JPG (118787 bytes)

Zincplating one of a series of 350 raiserpipes.

krasgevuld.JPG (83479 bytes)

Scratch filled with copper, next the copper will be plated with a nickel-cobalt layer after this the cylinder is technically as new.

krukas.JPG (111693 bytes)

Resizing a meanbearing bore.