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What brings someone to build a classic looking car and next launch it on the market? Well this happens as follows.

For quite some time we were looking for a classic car, but we soon found out that a good classic car is very expensive and a cheep one is mostly rotten. In both cases you keep listening how far the rust has come this time. So we decided to look for a replica or something like that.

Then we discovered the existence of the kitcar, there are some nice English models for a reasonable price but delivery times up to one year or more. That is not amusing.

After some research we found out that there are 2 CV based kitcars build in the Netherlands, so we had to look further. The first one we found was a bit to Spartan, the second to modern, the third model was to our liking, but the production was about to restart in 5 or 6 month's that was to late. Then we found on the internet a picture of a car that looked perfect for us. But the phone number with the picture was not connected, so it was a dead end.

At last through Duintjes Duckpage we found an ad offering a bodywork and moulds, we called the advertiser and it appeared to be the car we were looking for. We bought the whole lot including the car where this model was developed from, a Jorgia. See picture below.

On closer examination of the bodywork it appeared that it existed of several smaller parts which were glued together. Te whole was also rather heavy, so we decided to use the bodywork as a model to make new moulds and launch a new model kitcar on the market.

The first car was ready to roll in 2001.